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Yoga Class

While children learn Yoga poses and breathing techniques, each child will learn new skills through imagery. Warm-up, postures, relaxation, and stimulating activities will help students stretch and develop endurance while building strong healthy bodies, brains, and hearts. As our instructor encourages each child’s creative imagination, your child will gain focus, confidence, and self-esteem in a nourishing environment. Yoga in school helps improve focus and attention span and helps students become more mindful of their actions.

Creative Movement Classes

Our program is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, imagination, and creativity. Your child will begin to develop rhythm and coordination. Using exciting props in every class helps build strength, confidence, and a healthy mind and body.

Gymnastics Class

Children will learn basic beginner skills to more advanced skills of gymnastics through natural progression. Students have the opportunity to learn stretching techniques, floor exercise skills, balance beam, and tumbling. Classes feature many different props and obstacle courses. The class helps strengthen young bones and muscles, providing a healthy foundation for mental and physical growth.


Toddler Class

This early childhood movement and motor skill development program is designed for children ages 18months – 2 years old. Children move to their favorite music and our fun props encourage active participation. The class also teaches and enhances cognitive skills through body, object, color and shape identification. Little ones develop social skills as they learn the importance of sharing, taking turns, and following directions.This enriching program strengthens coordination and cognitive skills in a positive atmosphere.

Ballet Class

While learning the fundamentals of Ballet, including basic positions, steps, jumps and chases, your child will share the fun of physical self-expression through playful and engaging routines with fun music. With various routines and combinations children will have fun participating and building self-esteem. Every class includes exciting props and games while learning the fundamentals of dance.

Dance Class

Children will learn basic dance steps and routines. Our dance classes combine Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop and Tap (optional). With various routines and combinations children will have fun participating and building self-esteem. Every class includes exciting props and games while learning the fundamentals of dance.

About Little Hearts

What is Little Hearts?

Little Hearts in school Program is a well rounded, convenient, and fun mobile yoga enrichment program for children in daycares and pre-schools. We bring the studio to you, providing all of the necessary equipment to turn any space into your personal yoga studio. Our classes are child centered and age appropriate. We understand the developmental stages of children and cater to the particular emotional, physical, and learning needs appropriate to each age level.

Classroom Benefits!

Bringing yoga into the classroom allows the children to enhance their listening skills. It helps their memory and focus. Little Hearts will help develop balance and coordination, also improves posture and flexibility. Little Hearts will also increase self confidence, security, assist in stabilizing emotions, and help develop compassion.

Little Hearts Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique, fun, and exciting way to celebrate your child’s next birthday party?

Celebrate this special occasion with a Yoga, Creative Movement, Ballet, Dance (jazz,hip-hop,ballet or combination) or Gymnastics session at your preferred location. Our goal is to provide a fun, fit, innovative and engaging way to celebrate your child’s birthday. We come to you! Have us at your house or preferred location. Our visit lasts one hour. We will bring props and mats.


Need a party favor for the kids?

Send them home with a Little Hearts yoga mat! Option to buy mats for each child, $10 each. We are dedicated to creating a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for all of your guests.

Reserve a party today!

We service Northern New Jersey. Want your party in a studio? We have relationships with local yoga studios and can rent the space out for a special rate!

*additional charge for party of over 10 kids *additional charge for over 10 mile

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Benefits of Yoga for Kids!

Yoga has many benefits but bringing Yoga into preschools and day cares takes it to a whole new level. Children are able to explore the benefits while being in a classroom setting.

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Improves listening skills

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Reduces stress and anxiety

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Balances energy

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Increases concentration, focus and attention span

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